Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cheat.... Liar....

The trainee at my office finally get terminated. Although she just leave 1 week to complete the training. Maybe you think we are cruel, how come will treat a trainee like that. But if you know the detail, sure you will agree why we do that to her.

She is a diploma student. She very polite and very quiet when we first meet. We assign her to prepare a document and other simple jobs like photocopy and filling. She learn in slow mode and we all also teach her very patiently.

After 3 months, her performance not turn to better but get worse. Also on leave and on MC. Her supervisor give her advice and warning the result still the same. We decide to terminate her after meeting. But she begged her supervisor for another chance. She promise will do it good and perform better in the 4th month.

2 weeks later, her "sick" start again. She start take leave again and request NO OT. Her supervisor get shock and reject her request. Her supervisor also take back her testimonial. 

Horrible things happen, she make a fake testimonial for herself and ask company General Manager approve for her. Her supervisor get shock again. Our team terminate her immediately although her training will end in 1 week time.


How come a little girl like her will do such thing? That is cheat, is very serous case. 
I don't know why she take the risk to do it?
I wish her new employer good luck.


  1. 对于她自己的表现,她自己没有解释为什么吗?

  2. 楚婉,
    she blame on us cuz we din't give him testimonial. She know is wrong method, but she still nvr feel sorry and nvr apologize.


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