Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Present 2010..

Yeah... Merry Christmas to you all~~~
~~~Ho Ho Ho~~~

~~Merry Christmas~~

Malaysia do not have white Christmas. But most of us like to celebrate right?
This year I received 2 Christmas presents.
One from Christmas exchange, another one from my Boss.

~~I love Christmas Present~~

Cannot wait until Boxing Day, I already open all the presents.
Let me show you all.

~~Egg Mouse Mini~~
I get a Egg Mouse form my gift exchange. This is a cute little mouse, small small and very convenient to carry.
Thanks Scarf H, I love it very much... ^^

~~Reed Diffuser~~
This year I get a Reed Diffuser from my boss. Haha.. I only know have this kind of product. I put it at my living room now. Smell very nice and feel very peace. Thanks boss, my family very enjoy our Home Sweet Home.. ^^


  1. So nice the Reed Diffuser. I also hope that I have one of this :) Merry Christmas

  2. Merry x'mas to you BEAN.

  3. Elin,
    Lovely Lace have... can get it there o...

    Stan Lee,
    Merry Christmas..

  4. the mouse's super cute. i like the stripy patterns :P

  5. Y E N C H E N G,
    i also like it pattern...


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