Friday, July 12, 2013

Minions - Banana Song

What is the hit song for this week? JUST GIVE ME A REASON??
What is the popular toy in town? HELLO KITTY?

No No No.....
Hit song is BANANA SONG from Minions!!!
Popular toy is MINION TOY from Happy Meal!!

Lets sing Banana Song together!!!

Bababa baba nana
Bababa baba nana
Banana ar~ (Bababa baba nana)
Potato na ar~ (Bababa baba nana)
Banana ar~ (Bababa baba nana)
Togabo li do ga bo li
Gali do ba ga li ga
Bababa baba nana!
Yo! pla na ho!
Lak ba lo no do!
BA! ba nana la ga yo ni ga lo HO!
Banana BABA!
POTA TO OO!! (Bababa baba nana)
Togabo li do ga bo li
Gali do ba ga li ga
Bababa baba nana
BABA NANA (Bababa baba nana)

If you don't know what is Banana, what is Minion.......
Please go update yourself........^^

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Listen.... Listen..... Listen

The popular topic in Malaysia today.
A video title "LISTEN".....

If you haven't watch, you can watch in below (with chinese sub)....
Who you support?

I am not sure who is right, who is wrong....
Also don't know who you support....

But I support Nando's.......!!!!!!

How about you???

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jim Sturgess

Do you know Jim Sturgess?
Of cause he is not famous as teenager idol Robert Pattinson, also not famous as action star Tom Cruise.

Sturgess is an actor who starring in a lot movie. Some movie is not BIG MOVIE, and some never shown in Malaysia.

What movie I know from Sturgess?

- 21 (about gambling)
- One Day ( love story)
- The Way Back (yet to finish)
- Upside Down (will watch later)

Why I write a blog about him?
He is quite charming...
After watch One Day, can't forget him..


Monday, January 7, 2013

RM200 Rebate for smartphone

I think most of the youths (21-30 years old) are busy with the Smartphone Rebate.
And this is the hot topic for the youths, especially who qualify to apply this rebate.

RM200 rebate for smartphone, but have to sign up a Data Plan. Is that worth?
If you already have data plan, this mean no different for you.
But you never sign Data before, you have to sign up a Data Plan to "enjoy" this rebate.

But Data Plan is no cheap man......
Target user is poor/low income youth...
But the Data Plan so expensive, how to enjoy it?????
So, this benefit still go to city boys and city girls...
Kampung boys and girls still have to consider it again and again...

Another issue, coverage....
If sign up a cheap Data Plan, and the coverage super duper weak....
Useless right???

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New iPad missing in action!

Ok... Everyone know iPad mini launched....
Most of us view thru this new iPad member....

But do you realize, New iPad already removed from Apple Store???
I cannot find it from Apple Store Malaysia either....


Is iPad 4 coming?????

Anybody know???