Sunday, December 5, 2010

2010 Christmas Wish List..

Yeah yeah... Christmas is coming...
I love Christmas..
Although I not celebrate it, but I still love Christmas...

Now I wanna with you all my wish list for Christmas 2010...
Begin from the last one..

No 5. Ray-Ban Sunglasses
I can wear it when I am driving at day time. The sun light make my eyes can't open. If I can have it, perfect~~

No 4. Travel Package
I want to go travel, want to go relax. But my pocket no money. Nowadays travel very high cost. Hu~~ Someone can sponsor me? Must included the transport, meal and hotel ya. Haha..

No 3. Touch Pad
Now every one talk about iPad, Galaxy Tab or other type of touch pad. If I can have one, wow, I carry it every where and share it on FACEBOOK, and BLOG anytime. Another things is, I can show off ma.. Haha!

No 2. Laptop
My laptop already 4 years old. Start sick already. Dumb dumb when on the laptop, hang hang when start a application. So, is the time to change. Anybody want to sponsor?

No 1. Smartphone.
I want a SMARTPHONE the most. Tell you what, I never buy a handphone for myself before. Most of my handphone is giving by others, means someone don't want to use and pass to me. Or somebody drop it and I pick it. Now my handphone have problem again. Can I have this kind of offer again?? hehe..


  1. Lol.. i hope u can get cash as much as u want then all your wishes will come true!

  2. Kimberly,
    Wah... I don't want cash la... i want present... hehe..

  3. waa.. all ur wishes so expensive de..

  4. hope ur wishes do come true next year :D

  5. vivinyvil,
    I cant wait until next year. I want realize all this year, can? hehe

  6. woah!! such a long wishlist!!! Hope u get wat u want!! cheers! =)

  7. hope all ur wish come true =)
    merry christmas to you


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