Tuesday, April 7, 2009

something in my chocolate milk!!!!!

Last week, i buy chocolate milk as my dinner from mini mart at my hostel.
After bought it, quickly rush to my room because I was very hungry that moment.
When I open it, I feel the colour of the chocolate a bit weird......
When I look at the lid, something there...

see... what is that????

Very disgusting....

This is what i see when i shake it....=_="

I back to the mart again and ask for refund... But the cashier not allow.. Grrr...
She just let the choose other item...
What service is that????????????????
I'm damn angry, but nothing can do..
So, I simply take a pack biscuit and back my room....

Damn unlucky that day..
Since that day, I never visit to the mart again.....
And never buy the chocolate milk again...


  1. omg. disgusting. is it already expired or not?

  2. You should keep the thing and go to Dutchlady n complain. I am sure you will get something better than just a pack of biscuits:)

  3. DestroyHelloKitty,
    I'm sure it haven't expired....

    Haha.. You are right.. If This happen on me again, i'm sure i will do that.

  4. you should keep it and make a complain to dutch lady and if they don't bother, make another complain to consumer rights.

  5. haha..u should complain with Dutch Lady.. maybe u can email this photos to them..

  6. Baby & 楚婉,
    you all really think i should complain it to D-lady??? Hmmm.. but the shopkeeper from the mart already take away the drinks from me.

  7. Sorry I couldn't see clearly what was in it. Was that a cockroach from Mars or something?

  8. is some solid item.... I also dunno what that is..

  9. hmmmm... vy disgusting.. not dare 2 but dutch lady milk again...


  10. Anonymous,
    wow.. ANTI D-lady... haha

  11. Aiyer... looks gross ...

    Why like that one?? Should've sent this entry to dutchlady *LOL*

  12. ahlost,
    I think i will send it, since everyone support me to do that..

  13. ya. you should complain abt it at DutchLady

  14. penton,
    ok.. if D-lady really give me reply, i let you all know.. hehe


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