Monday, May 30, 2011

3 Idiots

I hope I am a idiot after watched this movie....

I like it so much, haha!!
First HINDU movie, so funny~~

All is well!!!

If you haven't watch it, I strongly recommence it to you...
Better than Slumdog Millionaire (my perception la!)
Very meaningful, educate we all~~

Share with me if you already watch it~


  1. hello.. I have seen this movie too and blogged about it.. it was indeed an educational movie.. my son who is studying engineering recommended this movie to me and we had a good time watching it!

  2. Reanaclaire,

    Is 2010 movie,quite late for me to watch it now.. But luckily I not miss it in my live! Haha...
    Ur son Andy, have lecturer like Virus?

  3. yea.. it is a great movie..
    i blogged it too~


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