Monday, December 13, 2010

No Regrets 義海豪情

I just finish watch No Regrets 義海豪情 last week.
The story line for this drama very compact.
The trouble and problem never end.

Compare with other drama, I can feel that this drama is in Grade A.
Good Job~~

I like some funny quote from this drama.

1) 我唔搞到你鸡毛鸭血,我郑九妹三个字倒转写!
2) 食屎啦,梁非凡
3) 上帝要你灭亡,必先令你疯狂
4) 山不转路转, 路不转水相逢
5) 生要見人, 死要見尸

Haha...If you watched this Drama, sure you can remember.

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