Monday, December 20, 2010


Below is the true story...
A young pregnant mother and a 3 years old boy..

Mom: Ah boy, is time to sleep. Faster keep your toys and go to sleep.
Boy: You go upstairs switch on the air conditional  first.
Mom: No way. Let's go together.
Boy: Ok lah....

Mom: Ah boy, be a good boy ya. Faster go take a nap before watch cartoon.
Boy: Mommy, be a good girl ya. Faster go prepare dinner.
Mom: ..........

Mom: (pregnant mother hard to sit) Aiyo..
Boy: Mommy, you feel pain?
Mom: (lying)Yes.
Boy: Baby is kicking you?
Mom: (smiling) Yes.
Boy: Really very pain?
Mom: (still smiling) Yes.
Boy: I take WIND OIL (Minyak Angin) to you.
Mom: Haha...

Nowadays kids very smart. They are fast learner and very creative. They also very naughty and know to fight back when you scold them. Why like that? Why when I was a kid, I look like a stupid? Haha...
I think the milk they taking is much different now. Not only protein and calcium, but DHA and many many.. That make the kids MORE cleaver and MUCH naughty..
Agree?? HAHA..


  1. kids nowadays are cute
    interesting post and i totally agree

  2. awww (: (: (: what a sweetheart though!

  3. Anonymous,
    They are monster lo...



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