Sunday, November 14, 2010

scary joke~~~

Today my mom tell me a info, but i take it as a joke.
She say, people who scare of cold, easy to get fat and not easy to get slim... She say, the fat in body will keep on come out to make the body warm...
haha~~~ I sure take it as joke... I am fatty girl who scare of cold~~~

~~I very scare cold, anytime any place, I also scare cold~~

~~From slim to fat~~

If this is the truth, then it will be the scariest joke I ever heard before.


  1. i dont scared of cold.. but i also not slim.. haa..

  2. i scare of fat too , but hard to get fat >_<

  3. hehe..type wrong again.><
    p/s :: i scare cold too ><

  4. zhen & ah chen chen,
    grrr~~~ i know u slim slim... but i fatty fatty also pretty... wahahha~~~

    Nikel Khor,
    I give you one more chance to say again, who fat??


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