Saturday, November 20, 2010

my SHIT in red colour...

This case happens to me on yesterday. No should be this early morning.

This morning about 5am, my wake up from dream and feel stomachache. Not thinking much, I jump down from bed and rush to toilet. (I start take out my pant when rush to toilet, really rush enough.)

After the process, and I feel release. When I want do the clean up process, I get shock! I saw the SHIT is red in color. Oh my god, what happen to me? Is it bleeding internally? Am I going to die soon? My hand is shaking at that moment. I thought I cannot see the next sun rise.

~~Red in color, looks horrible~~

To calm down myself, I taking a deep breath (the air is very smelly). Then I recall back that my mom serves lots of Dragon Fruits to my family after dinner yesterday. Whole picture is clear and the worry gone. The Dragon Fruits “dye” my SHIT. Haha~

~~this is how the Dragon Fruits looks like~~

Do you have the experience like me before? I’m sure you have. 

No? Don’t lie to me, ADMIT IT~~


**If you want to know more on Dragon Fruits, can click HERE** 


  1. muahahhaa...ya this happened to me but i know the reason so i din scared the shit out of me

    but you did remind me about my room mate...same case with yours~

  2. Bell,

    Haha.. I really thought i gonna die leh that time... haha... funny me~~

  3. ah chen chen,
    haha... just a joke ma... haha

  4. hehe... thats why we must remember the day we ate dragon fruit eh? :P another one - 'sang dei', also has the same shocking effect...

  5. Casendra,

    yaya.. next time need to note down.. hehe...


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