Friday, April 17, 2009

i lost my wallet at library....

When i knew my wallet lost... Totally blank... I gonna back UUM soon... Now this happen.. I scare until cry out.. After called my dad, I went to police station report..

This is the report from police station

After report, I back home straightly.. On the way back, keep thinking how to get new IC and Driving License.. When reach the gate of my home, I saw a Malay guy standing there.. Below is our conversation..

M(Malay guy), B(bean, me)

M: HSP ada tak?
B: Ya, saya HSP.
M: Kamu ada hilang apa-apa?
B: Dompet saya hilang.
M: Hilang kat mana?
B: Kat perpustakaan.

(He take my wallet from his motorbike.)

M: Ni wallet kamu?
B: Ya ya
M: Check ada apa-apa yang hilang dalamnya?
B: Semua ada.
M: Kau tinggal ia kat rack buku.
B: Terima kasih..
M: Tak apa. Kau pi mana tadi?
B: I pi report..
M: Cepat cancel ia tau?
B: Ok.. Thank you ya..

Then he leave my house..

What surprise me is..
He did not ask MONEY as reward!!!!

I think he found my wallet and return it to me straightly..
Luckily he know my home address..
He really is kindhearted guy i ever met before...
Malaysia still got kindhearted guy...
I am lucky girl to meet him..



  1. u're indeed lucky to meet tis kindhearted guy...its hard to find honest ppl nowadays...hah

  2. wendy,
    that's true.. but my dad say.. will go lib de ppl, wont bad de.. hehe..

  3. lucky la u...

  4. tis big head prawn lo.. next time better don careless lo... abo cry liao oso don hv ppl pity on u lo..

  5. Anonymous (1),
    ya... i'm damn lucky...

    Anonymous (2),
    hmmm.. hope no next time d la...
    n wont eat big head prawn again... hehe..


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