Saturday, October 25, 2008

Do not answer women's question without THINK!!

Men get feel through their sight, but women get feel through their hearing.. Not every men can speak out sweet words.. So, dumb men can refer STANDARD answer before answer question o..

Question 1: Do you love me?
wrong answer A: "Love."
wrong answer B: "Still need ask?"
wrong answer C: "You dun bored with this question??"
Standard answer: Look at her with love for 3 seconds, then nod your head. At the same time speak out "Em", then put her in your arms.
Analysis: Answer A will let her feel that you not serious. Answer B will let her feel that you love her not deep, she will keep asking you till she get the answer she want. After you give answer C, you will get a "cold war" or quarrel. Actually women know how much men love her, she ask like that just act like spoiled child. Your hug and kiss is more important than your answer.

Question 2: Am i getting fat?
wrong answer A: "Not fat."
wrong answer B: "Seems like getting fat"
wrong answer C: "Aiyo.. You very busy? Why become skinny?"
Standard answer: "Come let me hug hug", after you hug and say: " I like you now, exactly, got a bit meat, nice to hug."
Analysis: Answer A too straight, she wont satisfy. Answer B is wanna quarrel, which women like people say she is fat. Answer C is a sham, women won't believe it easily. Actually women always hope men do not care about her fat or thin. Although she say is on diet for you, but actually is for her beauty, for wear pretty clothes. So, use your body language to show that you like her fatty.

Question 3: I look nice in this clothes or not? (can be hairstyle or others)
wrong answer A: "Nice."
wrong answer B: "Ok Ok lo"
wrong answer C: "Very nice, my lovey wear what also nice."
Standard answer: "Come come, turn a round.." After she make a round then pull her to you, hold her hand and say:" very nice."
Analysis: Answer A will make her feel you just muddle through her work. Answer B will make her not confident, in her heart, she should be pretty in every clothes. Answer C is just simply a sweet words, not sincere. So, you must look carefully on her before you answer, let her feel your serious.

Question 4: What is your opinion on my best friend?
wrong answer A: "Quite pretty."
wrong answer B: "No comment, worse than you"
wrong answer C: "I not focus on her"
Standard answer: " She is sincere to you, you should treasure on this friend." If that friend is not that good in behavior, then you can answer: "You.. Just like a silly girl, must careful when make friend, next time make friend must bring out let me have a look, I inspect with you."
Analysis: Answer A is "quarrel" answer, women cannot accept you praise others pretty ( except mother). Answer B is too fake. She won't believe on answer C, but she will imagine why you do not make comment. So, through this question, she just wan you think of her, care of her, make a friend also need your inspection, she will feel she was protected.

Question 5: Compare with your ex, who you like more?
wrong answer A: "Nonsense, sure is you, if not you I be with you."
wrong answer B: "Hmm.. How to say, both also good in different way."
wrong answer C: "She worse than you many times."
Standard answer: Pinch her face or kiss her hardly till her pull you away, then you say:" If next time still ask this nonsense question, will punish you like that again..
Analysis: Answer A is too straight already, she will ask:" If next time you meet a better one, you still will dump me, right?". Answer B is waiting you break-up. Answer C won't make her proud but lower your standard. Actually, women hope your ex is better than her, but you don't want be with her, women will feel proud. But you cannot tell her how better is your ex is, so you use this method to answer.


  1. oh nice post.. learn about it haha.. hope got chance use it.. thanks~

  2. crazyfool,
    you are welcome.. hehe


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