Saturday, October 18, 2008

cool life in Uni....

I am a uni student in Malaysia... Let me tell me what is uni life...

You no need go to class often, because you can borrow notes from senior or course mate to photocopy... Before exam, lecturer will give tips (if your lecturer is nice).. Assignment also can borrow from senior, then do some edit... Easy!!

4 types of students..
Mostly all of student just concern about PTPTN in begin of semester.. I very sure of that.. haha.. In uni, there are 4 types of student.. 1st, enjoy life students.. Go pasar malam, mamak, pulau redang, play ball, vacation and many other group activities.. 2nd, PBSM (Pasti Balik Setiap Minggu).. They will back home every week.. 3rd, direct sales.. They can earn a lot from that.. Money is everything.. Result put aside... 4th, VIP from library.. Always a book in hand!!!

Funny timetable...
Timetable is arrange by urself.. Very flexible... Can have many classes in a day, or just 1 class in a day.. Depend on urself... Classes got 2 types, one is tutorial.. Lecturer will take attendance.. Other one is Kuliah.. Many students in class, can ask course mate sign attendance for your.. Every weekend or Holiday Eve, campus will become super duper quiet.. Because all will BALIK KAMPUNG lo..

In uni, cant learn English very well, but i can learn Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka and others... I also know very well about which instant noodle is the cheapest, which one is best to eat.. Haha.. So, if got Culture Ranking, I think uni in Malaysia sure is TOP 3.. Drop out 200... is ok la... haha..


  1. my life in uni sux to the max!

  2. wendy,
    my uni sux oso... so i am PBSM... u?? hehe...

  3. sure u r pbsm lo...last time owez leave me alone in room...woo~~woo~~

  4. secretchamber,
    sure i am PBSM.. at there bored ma back home lo... haha...

  5. thanks..clicking your ads back :)

    hope you like my version of pon and zi

  6. my uni is okay laaa =P

    it's inti btw.

  7. tzeLih,
    u r welcome.. haha..

    inti sure nice... private wat.. haha..


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