Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ANWAR visit....

Last week.. Anwar had seminar near my house... Silent night because of him become bustle.. Big field full with people.. Empty street become night market.. Many hawker use "BLUE EYES" or "PAS" as their product brand.. Haha..

big field.. but no place to stand

got police duty.. but they r duty or "eat snake"... hehe

umbrella.. umbrella.. cap.. cap...

support me!!!

Anwar T-shirt!!!

listen to me...

All of that just the beginning og the GAME.... hehe... Dunno who will win lo...


  1. huhu... so will you vote for him??!!

  2. adry,
    haha.. date of election no good a.. not holiday, cant back home vote..

  3. anwar... my idol...
    go go go..
    i am sure u can win da votes..
    i support u...
    jz support u dr segi semangat..
    be PM liao, don 4get me o.. haha

  4. anonymous,
    u really is his super fans.. haha

  5. why the caps seems bigger than my ass ? XD

  6. bird,
    because ur ass is smaller than head lo... haha

  7. tiok suan ~~~~
    lol , but the caps really look very huge leh ...

  8. bird,
    den ma good lo... wear helmet oso can put on cap... wahaha


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