Monday, January 7, 2008

game of life...

I lost a friend, but I get someone more care about me..

I lost a roommate, but I get other 3 roommates..

I lost a nice college, but I get other ‘home’..

I lost many, I also get many back..

Day by day,

Time by time..

Now I know who is nice to me,

Who just make use on me..

Who is real friend,

Who just play along with me..

Now I know still not that late..

I’ll be more confident,

I’ll be tougher,

I’ll be stronger..

Just be myself..

I have my own way..

Maybe life will be more suffer..

But at least I not control by other..

Maybe sometimes I’ll keep complaint this and that,

I just wan to let off..

After that I’ll be fine..

This is the game of life…

This is my challenge..

I walk pass this,

I’ll grow up again….

I don’t want lose again..

1 comment:

  1. jia you jia you o...
    i wil support u o....
    sure wil have ppl know 2 appreciate u de.... no worries... be happy o...
    tmr will be another day...


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